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6 June 2023
Vienna, Austria
Digital Health Technology 2023
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Open until 30 December 2023

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The current focus on prevention, public health, patient empowerment, and out-of-hospital care is transforming the entire healthcare sector. The ongoing digital revolution and pioneering medical-device technologies offer patients and doctors new solutions that increase the standard of care and reduce costs. The development of digital health tools requires significant coordination across multiple disciplines such as sensor electronics, low-power microelectronics, software engineering, signal processing, data analytics, machine learning, system integration, and health and medical sciences. 

During this Technology Deep Dive session you will hear about some technology breakthrough for specific use cases in preventive healthcare and delivery systems, as well as about the challenges of data integrity and privacy, user acceptance and adherence, medical compliance, the seamless integration into the clinical workflow, as well as better automated processing.


  • Prof Dr Olaf Blanke, Head of Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience, EPFL Campus Biotech, Geneva
    Topic: Immersive digiceuticals in medicine and chronic pain

  • Florian Kuehni, Head of Concept Development and Digital Innovation, Ypsomed AG, Burgdorf
    Topic: Digital and connected tools to improve therapy outcomes

  • Dr Mattia Bertsch, COO Aktiia AG
    Topic: Continuous blood pressure monitoring technology and its implementation into a medical digital product
Vienna, Austria
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